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The Secondary School Curriculum is aligned with the NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY 2020, which is based on the principle that education must develop not only cognitive capacities - both the ‘foundational capacities ’of literacy and numeracy and ‘higher-order cognitive capacities, such as critical thinking and problem solving – but also social, ethical, and emotional capacities and dispositions.

The school provides an opportunity to each and every individual for their holistic development in their scholastic and co-scholastic areas. A systematic and integrated approach to the overall development of a child, which focuses on experiential learning and a better understanding of the concepts are adopted. The curriculum encompasses seven major learning areas, from a scholastic and co-scholastic point of view.

  Scholastic Areas


  Social Science



 Co-scholastic Areas 

 Health and Physical Education 

 Art Education 


Co-Scholastic Domain
All students participate in the domains of Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, and Physical Education. Through these activities self–confidence, cultural appreciation, and skills of teamwork and leadership qualities are enhanced.
SEWA – Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action

The Sewa Philosophy:
Sewa is all about social or community service that includes environmental, civic responsibilities, democracy, health and fitness related projects, international and various other projects to connect the child to his/ her surroundings or to a cause and is able to generate a sense of responsibility towards it. Its aim is to develop a complete person in all aspects- ie intellectual, personal, social, and emotional.

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