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The middle wing curriculum creates a piquant and robust learning environment to stimulate curiosity in the learners. The Xaverians are encouraged to explore new ideas, learn by doing and experiencing thus making the learning relevant and real. They are constantly engaged in observations, questioning, and probing – diving deeper into concepts, enriching their cognizance, and hence our motto explore, engage and excel is well justified.

We aim at preparing sovereign self-sufficient citizens who will thrive and contribute responsibly in a worldwide community. The foundation laid here, molds the students, and spurs them on to outshine and be the brightest!

Scholastic Domain involves Mathematics / Language teaching / We time / Calligraphy / Environmental Studies / Experimentation / Science Sparks / IT Education

Co–scholastic Domain includes Art education / Music/Dance / Physical Education

Transcending the Curricularis characterised by general Knowledge, Vocabulary Builder and Cultural Exchange Programmes.

Co-Scholastic Domains like Art & Physical Education make the students appreciate the attitudes and values that lay an impact on well-being such as respect, care, and concern for others. It also teaches the students to be resilient; learn to identify and minimize risks, develop strategies for coping with adversity, and access and use support for themselves and others.