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The Preparatory school program creates an engaging and robust learning environment to stimulate curiosity in the learners. They are constantly engaged in observations, questioning, and probing – diving deeper into concepts hence enriching their cognizance. A conscious and deliberate effort is made to embed the empirical approach in our curriculum.

Using appropriate learning contexts, tools of queries, multiple ways of evaluating the child’s development, and assisting a child to become an independent and self-reliant learner are some of the focus areas. Our curriculum is aligned with the NCERT framework and assessments are integrated with the teaching-learning pedagogical approach.

Scholastic Domains involve Mathematics / Language teaching / We time / Calligraphy / Environmental Studies / Experimentation / Science Sparks / IT Education

Co–scholastic Domains include Art education / Music/Dance / Physical Education.
Assessment is comprehensive and continuous in both scholastic and co-scholastic domains. Assessments are conducted in two terms in an academic session for each class. Since the syllabus is carefully mapped to the learning objectives and the progress of the learners is mapped through formative and summative assessments.