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War- Blood to Ashes by Xavierian Shragvi


There was a time, peaceful, when no screams and tears were heard, there was a time harmonious when compassion and humanism was perceived...

Then what happened to us? 

Suddenly we just left all that tranquilness and contentment behind, we actually just buried ourselves into the graves of hatred, and somehow maybe we are finding it tough turning ourselves to the ones we naturally were, now maybe in sometime there wouldn't be any such differentiation between humans and devils, and we'll be continuing with stories that followed the statement stating "once humans used to be kind and generous..."

We haven't got this life to spend it fighting all round, carrying that feeling of resentment, anger and evil behavior we've got this opportunity to live, to set an example for livelihood.

Violence never leads to peaceful silence; it will always pause up to a miserable and regretful silence.

War, is simply a path to violence and violence is never a part of humanistic nature. War is always an imprecise punishment to the ones who were never a part of the atrocity.

A live example is the Russia-Ukraine war, wherein both the countries are stuck tangled in a never ending situation; recently I read that it was known that 60 people were feared death after a Russian airstrike on a school where people were harboring in the village of Bilohorivka in eastern Ukraine. Fires raged at the school after the strike on Saturday afternoon, 2 people were confirmed death, 30 were evacuated and 7 injured. “Most likely, all 60 people who remained under the rubble of buildings died." So, after reading this remorseful news I was left astonished and a question incomplete struck my mind, that were we always like this ?

Because of hatred people aren't even caring about anyone's lives and this is now not that far from the day when we'll be left with the only thing that is contrition.

I want to raise a question, is war the only solution?

No, war wasn't and will never be a solution, instead we should try resolving conflicts peacefully and with a peaceful strategy, because words have always been more powerful than anything, wars and conflicts can never lead to satisfying solutions it's definite that they'll definitely take something along with them that might be those innocent people's lives for whom their kids are sobbing, their mothers are waiting and sisters are praying.

Due to this, the civilians who were against the conflict are also left weeping dismally.

By looking at all this I've reached to the conclusion that there'll soon be a day where we'll be seeing humans but no humanity.

We've got the lives of humans but being a human is our choice..., what I believe in is that the only religion to be known in human race should be equality and humanity and the race we belong to is peace and harmony....

War's simply a road to death, if we don't abolish it, it’ll destruct us!

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