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Agnipath Scheme 2022 By Lavanya Chauhan

Agnipath Scheme 2022 By Lavanya Chauhan


Many Indians have a dream to join the Indian Armed Forces. But getting selected for the Indian Army is not as easy as falling off a log. Candidates have to qualify for various entrance exams and then go through a gruelling training process for being nominated. But recently a new scheme is proposed in India to accomplish the aim of millions of youths joining the Indian Army – ‘The Agnipath Scheme’. From being marked as one of the most benefiting schemes effectuated in India to receiving gargantuan excoriation, it has after all been the talk of the town. The scheme was though previously named as ‘Tour of Duty’ but it was later renamed Agnipath.

Under this scheme, the youth selected will be named as Agniveers. With the asseveration of this Agnipath Scheme, a window of opportunity has been opened for the youths to serve their nation for a period of 4 years. The main objective of launching this scheme was to amortize the salary and pension budget of the armed forces. But this scheme has many prospects alongside like this can enhance the youthful profile of the Armed Forces so that they are at their fighting best at all times with increased risk-taking ability, imbibe the Armed Forces ethos, courage, commitment, and teamwork in the youth, dispense abilities and qualities such as discipline, motivation, dynamism, and work skills so that the youth remain as an asset, provide an opportunity to the youth who may be keen to serve the Nation in uniform for a short period of time, attract youth talent among the society to effectively exploit, adapt, and use emerging modern technologies with enhanced technical thresholds of intake while leveraging Technical institutions of the country.

Moreover, Everyone says that the youth are the future of the nation but what about their future? What is meant by making the future of the country when the future of its youths is not secured? A secure and fruitful future comes with virtuous employment. These days the crisis of unemployment is at its peak and implementing this scheme can let us get rid of this problem. The security forces in the Armed forces will become fervid too with this scheme. Although, the scheme is overall beneficiary for the youth of India, it is getting protested by various states and criticism from different parts of the state. There are things being said such as “After the completion of the service, the authority will not provide any job to the Agniveers, The Agniveers will only get the amount selected by the authority after the service, They will not provide any pension or relation accommodation to the candidates, The age limit of the candidates to apply for the scheme is very low which means only a small fraction of the population will be eligible to apply for it.” and all the other stuff. But spitting the facts, for a youth of India who only craves for just wearing that uniform of the military and serving the country, he or she would rather not care about the wages or the time period of service and all that matters to them would be with the amount of patriotism they proffer in their service. Each thing that comes with a prospect comes with a drawback too, but does that mean that we should stop implementing or coming up with new things? Definitely not. As truly said sometimes you need not focus on negative things and instead focus on the positive, and you will flourish. Similarly, instead of lambasting the scheme, we should give it at least a chance with a positive approach and who knows, maybe it becomes a massive success someday.

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