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A New Session, New Friends, New Adventures at St. Xavier's High School!


A new school year brings a wave of butterflies – excitement for new beginnings mixed with a touch of nervousness about unfamiliar faces and routines. At St. Xavier's High School, Ghaziabad, we understand that starting fresh can be daunting, which is why we go above and beyond to make every student feel welcome and supported.

Building Connections Right from Day One!

The 2024-25 session kicked off with a vibrant focus on "Know Your Classmate" (KYC) activities. Through interactive games and team-building exercises, students from all grades mingled, forged new friendships, and reconnected with their classmates. Laughter echoed through the halls as teachers joined the fun, creating a positive and collaborative environment. It was heartwarming to see new friendships blossom and existing bonds strengthen – a fantastic start to the year!

Celebrating Achievements, Big and Small!

Beyond academics, St. Xavier's fosters a well-rounded student experience. Our talented basketball players recently made us incredibly proud! Participating in the City Championship Basketball Tournament held at Laxman Public School, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, our Xavierians displayed exceptional skill and sportsmanship.

A big congratulations to the U-12 team for securing the second position! The U-14 and U-17 teams showcased their talent, achieving a well-deserved third place! Their dedication, teamwork, and winning spirit shine bright, and we can't wait to see their future achievements.

Laughter – The Best Medicine!

Recognizing the importance of emotional well-being, St. Xavier's regularly hosts workshops and programs to nurture the holistic development of students.

A recent morning assembly took a refreshing turn with a laughter yoga session! Technology and academic pressures can sometimes weigh down young minds. This unique session served as a joyful reminder for students to embrace laughter and reconnect with the simple pleasure of having fun. Combining breathing exercises and playful activities, laughter yoga promotes emotional intelligence and stress reduction, leaving students feeling energized and positive.

A Spark of Learning in Our Youngest Minds!

St. Xavier's fosters a love for learning right from the pre-primary years. Our precious little ones are thriving in this nurturing environment, embracing every moment of their educational journey. From heart-warming outdoor play sessions to captivating storytelling times and engaging activities, each day is an adventure filled with wonder and discovery.

Recently, the school hosted a storytelling workshop conducted by the renowned author, Ms. Namrata Jain. The children were captivated by her engaging stories and interactive storytelling techniques, igniting their own imaginations and fostering a love for language.

Join the St. Xavier's Family!

At St. Xavier's High School, Ghaziabad, we believe in fostering a supportive, dynamic learning environment where every child can flourish. If you're looking for a school that goes beyond academics, promotes well-being, and nurtures a love for learning, then consider St. Xavier's for your child's next academic journey. Explore our website to learn more about our admissions process and discover what makes the St. Xavier's experience truly special!

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