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The Pre-Primary curriculum is professionally designed by experts in the field of Early Childhood Education

Piaget viewed children as actively constructing their own knowledge. Applying the constructivist approach, children are provided with ample opportunities to construct their knowledge and explore their surroundings. The children get hands on experience and the teacher in the classroom is functioning as an enabler to the children's learning. Learning opportunities are interconnected which link experiences across developmental domains in a meaningful context thereby reflecting the real life context of the children.

No experience of a child is irrelevant and no action is without purpose. Keeping this as the center of our interactions the children are encouraged to talk and express themselves. This enables them to develop the essential skills of sharing, cooperation and taking responsibility. The needs of the child are catered through the group and one to one interactions which are successfully achieved with the appropriate teacher-child ratio.


The curriculum is designed to help young children excel in language and cognitive learning. It also promotes independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem solving- the fundamentals that help determine success in adult life.
  • language and literacy
  • numeracy and logic
  • knowledge and understanding of the world
  • physical development
  • social-emotional development
  • creative development

The activities for different domains and concepts are planned purposefully to enable children to engage with and experience the concepts. 

Circle Time

Circle Time is an integral part of our curriculum. It is a great tool for the social and emotional development of children. It helps children develop key skills of; thinking, observing, concentrating, listening and speaking. It forms a very important part of the daily activity of the children. Our Circle Time activities are designed to engage all children in small group conversations and activities with reflection and sharing being an integral part.

Teachers reflect on children’s learning’s and nurture their development by engaging in an ongoing process of observation, documentation and assessment. They are committed to instill a joy of learning in their young students that will stay with them for a life time.